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His Grace, the Arch Bishop of Cape Town - Thabo Makgoba
The Chairperson of the Board
The Registrar of the Diocese of Cape Town

The Board

Mrs Sylvia Ryan - The Chairperson
Mr Chris King - The Vice-Chairperson
Mr Sean Dearham - Treasurer
Mrs Bonita Hendricks
Pastor Raymond Solomons – Chairperson of the Youth Care Committee
Ms Nicole Fortuin
Mrs Helen Stotko

Finance Committee

Mr Sean Dearham - Chairperson/Treasurer
Mr Chris King
Mrs Sylvia Ryan

Youth Care Committee

Pastor Raymond Solomons - Chairperson
Nicole Fortuin
Mrs Sylvia Ryan
Mrs Hendricks
Mrs Stotko

Some Other Info:

About Us

Current program:

Currently St. Michael's Children's Home is an innovative therapeutic and developmental residential environment for 25 vulnerable young women from the Cape Metropole and surrounded areas, stretching from Mowbray to Cape Point, between the ages of 13 and 18, who have been seriously traumatized and removed from their families for their own protection and safety, by an order of the Children's Court. It is one of the few, if not the only, residential care facilty, offering care for teenage girls.

Current programs/services are:

Program 1: Residential Program (Assessment, Admission, Orientation and ongoing therapy and Development)

Initially to offer an intensive healing program for 9 weeks, to enable the young women to build trust, understand the cycle of abuse, identify and talk about their own issues and abuse so as not to repeat the cycle, and be part of developing their own Individual Development Plan, suing the Circle of Courage and its four components - Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity. Then to provide therapeutic, developmental and renunification programs as outlined in Individual Developmental Plans on an ongoing basis.

Intended Outcomes:

  1. Young women feel comfortable, safe and cared for in their new environment.
  2. Healthy and trusting relationships are formed with the staff.
  3. Young women are empowered to deal with future abusive situations and relationships.
  4. The young women find the best care possible either at St. Michael's, or at another more suitable facility.
  5. Young women are attending mainstream schools or other educational facilities, participating fully in all therapeutic and developmental programs and moving towards reintegration and reunification with their families and communities.

Program 2: Family Reunification/Preservation Programme

To offer support, counseling and guidance to families and community members, related to young women and to work with young women to build healthy relationships, leading to re-unification where feasible.

Intended outcomes:

Work with the family and the young person leads to improved communication, strengthening the family unit,

resolution of issues and opens the possibility of reunification and reintegration back into the family/extended family/community.

Program 3: Pilot Cottage Program/Independant Living

To implement a pilot programe by converting one of the flats into a cottage for a small group of young women, older than 17, to achieve the following outcomes

  1. Young women are able to form healthy and trsuting relationships
  2. Young women are able to develop a better understanding of self and how to deal with challenges
  3. Young women are equipped with effective communication skills
  4. Young women are able to make good choices and decisions for themselves.
  5. Young women demonstrate an increased sense of independence.

The challenge is for us to help these young women to find creative ways to deal with the devasting effect of the abuse, to become independant, self-reliant and confident and ultimately go out into the world to cope with the realities of life, and if possible, to renuite and re-connect with their families and communities.

St. Michael's models the fact if young vulnerable women, suffering from the pains of neglect and abuse, are supported emotionally, are taught the necessary life skills to live a positive, constructive life in society where abuse and crime is a reality, are taught about self-respect and self esteem and through the love and care of the care-givers, learn to love both themselves, their bodies, and those around them, and believe in themselves, they will be in a position to relate in society in a healthy and positive manner. They will hopefully be able to have their own families, break the cycle of abuse and neglect and teach their own children the value of healthy families, communication and self-respect.